Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some links to local information resources.

Just contact the POA office for additional information:

1. What do I get for my annual dues payment?

Owners actually receive a great return for their dues payment. In another section on this website (POA Governance)you will find the annual budget as well as periodic financial statements published by our Treasurer. There you will find all the detail you need to see how your money is spent. The major expense items are for security, right-of-way mowing, and salaries for our part time office staff. What you don't see in the budget is the real value you receive as a property owner in Cumberland Cove. Hundreds, if not thousands of volunteer hours are contributed annually by the residents who are members of various committees; such as snow plowing and salting the roads, and keeping the parks as beautiful as possible.

2. Can you tell me where my lot is located?

This question is asked most often by those property owners who visit the Cove on an infrequent basis to see their property. In our office, we maintain two cross-reference printouts. One is a list by owners last name and the other is a list by unit, block, and lot number. If you know either one of these two, we can supply you with a map of your unit, which shows the block and lot by number. Call or visit our office at any time. By the way, your unit, lot, and block number is printed on your annual dues statement, as your account number.

3. Can you supply me with one map that shows all the streets in Cumberland Cove?

Yes the currently available map is here.