Community News

Community News

2021 Election Results

On behalf of the Election Committee, we would like to announce the five new directors elected in the 2021 election. The 2021 Official Election Results are posted in the Members Portion of the website.

The five new BOD members are:

William Cronberger
Rich Decker
Don Hammond
Tim Schmidt
Ron Williamson

A HUGE THANK YOU to our auditor, Susan Gray, in certifying our election. Another HUGE THANK YOU to Office Davis, from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, for obtaining the ballots at the USPS and escorting them back to the Welcome Center. A hearty thank you to Johnny Guillot, BOD Liaison, to the Election Committee. We also could not do what we do with out the amazing volunteers that stepped up to help. You are all very much appreciated!

Thank you for allowing us to serve Cumberland Cove as your Election Committee!

Renee Fuller – Chair
Deb Wills – Vice Chair
Charlotte Leonard
Connie McSweeny
Connie Schweer
Cookie Shaw
Judith Rex
Judy Webster
Mike Deonna
Pat Storms