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Community News

Information from Mayor for Grant to VEC

Cumberland County Mayor Foster has contacted the POA for help in another grant application to VEC. VEC has asked them to provide letters from folks who would switch, or consider switching, to a different service if one were provided. We have over 500 homes, and this will be an expensive installation for our 67 miles of roads.

Here is the instruction…
Write a brief letter supporting the new service and state that you would switch. They can be handwritten or typed.
Sign the letter, and add address info.
Either scan the letter and email it to the office as a file attachment at or bring the SIGNED letter to the office. There is a drop box on the LEFT side of the doors to leave it at any time. Sending in the mail is also an option. We can scan and add to the file we will provide to the mayor.

Time is of the essence…do this as soon as you can.
The best thing you can do to get good internet service here in the Cove is to write that letter today or tomorrow and get it in.

Sample letter:


Dear Mayor Foster and the VEC,
I live in Cumberland Cove, and I have very inadequate, slow, and unreliable internet service. I would switch to another, better service, if one could be offered. I urge VEC to consider Cumberland Cove for their next project.


Tim and Twila Yednock
919 Goosepond Rd.
Monterey, TN 38574