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2024 Proposed Budget & Workshop

  • 10-24-23

The fiscal year 2024 proposed budget has been posted in the Financial Review section of the website. This information will be discussed with Board members as well as POA members at the budget workshop on Thursday, October 26th at 6:30pm. This does not represent the final budget that will be voted on by the Board. The final version for Board approval on November 14th will be determined after the workshop on October 26th.


  • 06-20-23

At the CCPOA Welcome Center

Please Join the CCPOA Board of Directors as we host an open forum to our membership to discuss the proposed covenant changes of 9.4 and 9.18.

All views and opinions are welcome, and we ask that everyone be respectful of each other.

This meeting will be live streamed as well so that those not present may have a voice as well. 

9.4 Parking

All automobiles, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs registered to the property owner or his/her guests may be parked overnight without being garaged.No truck exceeding one-ton capacity, construction trailer, or construction equipment shall be parked within the Subject Property overnight, unless it is being used in connection with ECC-permitted construction on the Subject Property. Vehicles and equipment required for interior renovation will be allowed to park overnight with an ECC permit issued by the POA office.

RVs, travel trailers, horse trailers, utility/or enclosed trailers, and pleasure boats, excluding houseboats,  may be parked on a site within the Subject Property. Utility/enclosed trailers or horse trailers must not be longer than 20 feet, excluding the tongue of the trailer . Open utility trailers must be stored unladen. No more than TWO such vehicles/trailers may be parked on the property in the open. To the greatest extent possible, the vehicle/trailer should be parked in a non prominent location on the property, preferably to the side or rear of the home, and NOT forward of the front plane of the home facing the street. Should the Property Owner elect to park a vehicle/trailer next to an outbuilding, the outbuilding must NOT be forward of the front plane of the house. For property owners residing on a corner lot,this would be the side or rear of the house /garage not adjacent to either roadway. For a corner lot, if the vehicle/ trailer cannot be parked on the non adjacent side of the house due to tree removal, topography, ect, a variance may be requested from the ECC. All vehicles/trailers parked outside of ANY residence must be operational and kept in good clean condition.If the Property Owner elects to cover said vehicle/trailer with a tarp, the tarp should be dark brown, dark green, or camouflage. Tarps should not be a color that does not blend into a wooded setting. Non operational or unkept vehicles would be considered a nuisance.

ANY OTHER TYPE of trailer, piece of equipment, or implement must  be stored in a garage. AT NO TIME will any trailer, semi trailer, or any other type of trailer requiring a Truck Tractor to move it be allowed to be stored within the Subject Property. At NO TIME will a trailer be allowed to park outside with a business logo or other advertisement or lettering visible. A trailer with visible lettering or a logo will be considered a nuisance. 

Any vehicle parked on a Subject Property must not be a nuisance and must conform to

the community’s standards for sight, sound, and smell. If a violation report is filed by

Any Property Owner that a truck, trailer, piece of equipment, implement, or other vehicle is a nuisance, the ECC will then investigate. If the complaint is upheld by the ECC, the vehicle or piece of equipment must be put into a garage, hidden from sight, or removed from the subject

property. A special purpose variance may be requested.

9.18 Additional Rules and Regulations

The Board may establish such reasonable additional rules and regulations as may be deemed to be for the best interest of the Association and its Members with a positive vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of the total current number of active Board members. However, a minimum of 5 positive votes is always required to pass or amend any additional rules or regulations. Such rules and regulations shall be included in the Bylaws or a published policy statement.

Any such rule or regulation created by the Board of Directors and added to the ECC Guidebook or included in a published policy statement that would restrict what can be built on the property or restrict a property owner’s right to enjoy their property must be sent out to the Property Owners at the next election of the Board of Directors as a covenant vote. The rule or regulation or a similar rule or regulation may not be reintroduced for a period of 365 days, starting from the date when the new board is sworn in. The rule or regulation will remain in effect until the votes are tallied. If the rule or regulation fails to pass, it will be removed from the ECC Guidebook or published policy statement. If the rule or regulation passes, it will become part of the covenants.

Summer Bonfire May 20, 2023

  • 05-03-23

Let’s get lit!
Come chill and hang with us at our Annual
Summer Bonfire
Saturday May 20, 2023, at 6:00 pm
Eagle Flight Park

Walking Tacos will be served. Please bring your own lawn chairs & drinks.
RSVP by May 15th
Bad Weather plan – Host at Welcome Center


  • 02-20-23

Town Hall Meeting
February 23, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
At the CCPOA Welcome Center
Please Join the CCPOA Board of Directors as we host representatives of Mountain Ridge Golf Club LLC.
Mountain Ridge Golf Club LLC will be providing information on the status of their golf course.
Mountain Ridge Golf Club LLC will make a presentation
followed by a question and answer period.


  • 01-26-23

Date: February 7, 2023, at 9:30 AM
Location: Cumberland Cove Property Owners Association Welcome Center
16939 Highway 70 North
Monterey, TN 38574
Special Meeting Called by: CCPOA President, John Resch

Agenda posted on website.


  • 01-06-23

Cove Monday Nite Bingo
Monday January 9 6pm

First of the 2023 monthly Monday Cove Bingo nites. Held the 2nd Monday of each month. Lasts from 6pm to approx 8pm.

$2 per card cash only please.

All prizes are food: beef, chicken, pork or treats.

Bring a beverage of your choice, people tend to get thirsty while laughing and yelling Bingo.

Bring snacks if you want, people tend to get hungry when having fun.

Hope to have a special guest Monday ( If you attend it will be you!! ha-ha

Hope to see you there