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Community News


  • 04-01-21


Late last year, the Board of Directors approved the sending of a proposed amendment to Covenant 9.5 (Setbacks) to our Members (property owners) to be voted upon in accordance with Covenant paragraph 12 (Amendment). The amendment adds an additional paragraph to Covenant 9.5. Our Members were sent an explanation of the proposed covenant amendment, the reasoning behind it, and ballots equaling the number of lots owned with their annual assessment statements in January 2021. Our Members were asked to complete the ballot(s) with a yes or no vote and return them to the Welcome Center. Covenant paragraph 12 indicates a covenant may be amended upon the approval of a majority of the votes cast, but not less than five hundred (500) affirmative votes of the Members of the Association. The 500 required affirmative votes was exceeded. Here are the results:

Valid Ballots

569 Number of affirmative (YES) votes
56 Number of NO votes
625 Total number of valid votes

If a property owner conjoins two lots through the county, the property owner is still required to pay two annual assessment fees to the Property Owners’ Association.

For more details on this, please view the Members section of the website under Residents Only for full details.

Welcome Center Reopening/ Phone and internet service.

  • 02-24-21

Cumberland Cove Members,

The Cumberland Cove Welcome Center will be reopening to events and activities on March 1, 2021. We still encourage masks and social distancing. Many thanks to all those groups who have been cooperative during this trying time, dealing with the Covid 19 virus.

If you are trying to call or email the office, our new provider has experienced a few issues and we hope to have our service up and running by the end of the week.

Stay safe and stay well.